Rhinoplasty in Delhi

Rhinoplasty: Everything You Need To Know

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries among youngsters. Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job refers to a surgery on the nose to change its shape according to one’s beauty needs. Not only for just beauty purpose, it can also be done to improve the nose function such as to correct the breathing…

Laser hair removal in Delhi

Popular Effective Cosmetic Skin & Hair Treatments 2019

There are many cosmetic therapys available in the market for treating different skin concerns. But don’t know where to start from? Cosmotree Clinic in Delhi offers free consultation and will help you decide on a therapy perfect for your body and skin needs giving you desired results. There are few cosmetic therapys to get you…

Skin Treatment in Delhi

Botox and Fillers: Everything You Need to Know

No wonder Botox and fillers are the most popular skin therapys on the market today!  Popularity of injectables is very high but most of the people don’t know the difference between Botox ad Fillers. Both therapys are the cosmetic skin therapys and performed by Dermatologist by injecting chemical into skin. Botox and Fillers are mainly…

Pigmentation Treatment

Cosmetic Treatments for Melasma Removal

What is melasma? Melasma is a common skin concern majorly among women. It appears on the skin as hyper-pigmentation or dark patches, usually on the face. In most people it may appear on cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead, chin, and above their upper lip. While hyper-pigmentation isn’t a harmful condition, it can greatly impact…

Tattoo Removal in Delhi

Tattoo Removal Procedure, Benefits, Cost and Risks

You got a permanent tattoo with excitement, but now you are repenting.  Then, it’s time to get rid of that irritating tattoo from your body. With the advent of laser technology you can get rid of your unwanted design for ever. Laser techniques is quite effective than other therapys to eliminate the tattoo with minimal…

Skin Whitening Treatment in Delhi

Experience Glowing Skin with Skin Lightening Treatment

In today’s life, millions of people want to make their skin lighter as they are really obsessed with the brighter and lighter skin. Well, no one likes to have age spots and pigmentation, but what can you do about them? Skin Lightening Therapy is the answer of your all skin problems. Skin lightening therapy which…

Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Laser Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal in Delhi | Laser Hair Removal Cost

Are you considering Laser Hair Removal but have a thousand questions in mind? So stop worrying, we’re here to help you. As we are the leading clinic of Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru for the therapy of Laser Hair Removal, we’ve got all the answer of your questions. Take a look. Why Laser Hair Removal? Who doesn’t…

Liposuction Treatment in Delhi

Liposuction Treatment: Everything You Need To Know

It can be really frustrating that there are areas of your body where stubborn body fat don’t get away while you are trying so hard through exercise and sensible dieting. It can be difficult to lose the fat from certain part of the body such as belly fat. But thankfully, there are various therapys available…

PRP Therapy in Delhi

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss | PRP Treatment in Delhi

Are you finding the right therapy for hair loss? Suffering from the hair loss and baldness? Then PRP therapy can help you. PRP therapy refers to the platelet-rich plasma therapy which is a three-step medical therapy. In this therapy, surgeon takes the patient blood, after processed it they injected this into the scalp. PRP Therapy…

Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Laser Hair Removal: Procedure, Cost and Risks

If you aren’t happy with waxing and shaving to remove your hair, so laser hair removal can be a best option for you. Laser Hair Removal is the best idea to get rid of unwanted hairs. Laser Hair Removal is a procedure that is done to minimize hair growth on the particular area of your…

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