November 2, 2018

Scar and Marks Reduction

Want flawless looking healthy skin without scars and marks? Cosmotree Clinic offers the best marks and scar reduction therapy in delhi like Dermabrasion, Chemical peel, Laser etc in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru which are not too heavy on your pocket.

scar reduction therapy in delhi

When a wound heals, it may eventually turn into a scar. Cosmotree Clinic works on scars such as:

• Injuries

• Acne

• Pits cause by acne

• Burn Marks

• Stretch Marks

• Cut Marks.

Since your face is regularly exposed to the outside environment, scars on the facial skin may have a tough time healing. The good news is that if you’re looking to treat facial scars, you have a lot of options to consider offered by Cosmotree Clinic. Read through these popular methods:

1. Dermabrasion: Cosmotree Clinic offers the best Dermabrasion therapy for scar reduction therapy in delhi which is a non-surgical. skin therapy for improved skin texture, tone, and color.

Dermabrasion is an effective scar reduction therapy which works on:

• Removes dull skin

• Smoothes fine lines and coarse skin

• Reduces acne scars and pore size,

• Fades scars and brown spots

• Pox marks, and

• Scars from accidents or disease.

How it is done?

• Anesthetize the area to be treated.

• High-speed brush to exfoliate the top layer of skin on your face to remove or reduce the depth of scars.

• You will typically need several days to heal after the therapy.

• The session takes anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes.

It’s not effective in treating congenital skin defects like:

• Most moles

• Birthmarks

• Burn Marks


• Few therapys are needed to fade out old acne scars and fine lines.

• Generally, your skin can handle one Dermabrasion therapy each month.

• Regular therapys also offer the best anti-aging benefits as well but also varies from person to person.


Most people can resume their normal activities in seven to 14 days after dermabrasion.

Post-Therapy Precautions:

• Avoid sunlight for a few weeks.

• Use a moisturizer and a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more, and

• Wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your new skin

• Avoid makeup for 24 hrs.


2. Chemical peels: Chemical peels contain acids that are applied to the skin. As a result, the upper layer of skin
(epidermis) exfoliates and peels off, exposing a new layer of less damaged skin. Cosmotree Clinic offers
different kinds of chemical peels in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru for effective scar reduction.
Chemical Peels are beneficial for the following conditions:

• Reduce fine lines around the eyes and mouth

• Wrinkles

• Improve the appearance of mild scars

• Certain types of acne

• Reduce melasma, and freckles

• Improve the look and feel of skin

Not very effective for:

• Skin sags,

• Bulges

• Severe wrinkles

There are three types of chemical peel:

• Deep peel: This peel uses phenol and is the most common type used for scars because it penetrates deeper into the
skin. Deep peels are so intense that they can take up to three weeks to heal

• Superficial peel: This peel has milder effects and might improve pigmentation caused due to minor scars.

• Medium peel: While also used for discoloration, the glycolic acid in this peel is mostly used for anti-aging

You may also need to take antiviral medications to prevent illness.

Chemical peels are popular skin therapys, so they are widely available. However, for scar therapy, you should only get a peel from a board-certified dermatologist.

3. LASER THERAPY: Laser therapy is an effective therapy for scar reduction which uses focused beams of light to
treat damaged areas on the body. Laser therapy can also improve the appearance of scars. Cosmotree Clinic offers
different laser therapys for scar reduction according to skin and body needs, skin tone and texture etc.

Laser therapy for scar is an effective procedure for scar reduction. A laser wand is passed over your skin to
remove damaged skin cells and diminish scars.

Beneficial in treating:

• Injury scars

• Burn marks

• Acne scars and pits

• Dark spots, age spots, and other types of hyperpigmentation

Your doctor may also discourage laser therapys if you take blood-thinning medications due to the risk of bleeding.

You are not a good candidate for laser therapys if you have:

• Active acne

• Skin sores

• Darker skin


• No downtime needed.

• Can resume daily activities the next day.

How is it done?

Laser scar therapys don’t make a scar disappear. Instead, they’re designed to make a scar appear less noticeable.

• Laser therapys can be used to get rid of the outer layer of the damaged skin’s surface when a scar becomes

• They basically smooth the skin to improve tone and appearance.

• These lasers are also used to aim blood vessels in the scar tissue and reduce redness.

• They can also enter the skin’s surface to speed up the production of new skin cells.


Types of Laser Therapy for Scar Reduction:

During your consultation, a dermatologist at Cosmotree Clinic will offer you the best option for removing a scar according to your body and skin needs, tone and texture of the skin. Your options may consist of the following:

 Ablative or laser resurfacing

Dermatologists at Cosmotree Clinic use a high-powered laser to eliminate the top layer of skin that has been damaged. The laser also penetrates to the skin’s middle layers, tightening and smoothing the skin. This type of therapy improves the appearance of:

• Scars

• Pits caused by acne, and

• Wrinkles.

How is it done?

• Resurfacing removes the outer layer of skin and skin cells that have been damaged.

• You’ll be given a local anesthesia for the pain.

• The dermatologist will run the laser over the scar to remove the damaged skin cells.

• May use a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser for deeper scars or an erbium laser for surface scars.


• Ablative lasers have a longer recovery time

 Fractionated laser resurfacing

A laser penetrates a deeper layer of the skin’s surface to improve appearance and texture. The fractional CO2 system can help in eliminating the existing acne scars and also:

• Can be used easily on other parts of the body (other than the face).

• Eliminating the existing acne scars.

• Prevent new scar formation.

• Eliminates dark pigmented cells.

• Stimulates collagen production and skin cell renewal.

• Make your scars appear less noticeable.

How is it done?

• This laser therapy uses tiny beams of light that penetrate deeply into the skin.

• The result is hundreds of microscopic holes where skin cells have been removed, surrounded by healthy skin.

• The holes help break down old skin cells while accelerating collagen production within the deeper skin layers.

• The surrounding good skin helps to quickly heal the damage done by the laser therapy, resulting in fresh, new
skin cells.


• Need three to five therapys.

• A week interval between therapys.

• While some improvement will be seen immediately, you will have to wait a few months to get the real results of
the therapy and the results also vary from person to person.


• This therapy is much less invasive and requires little to no recovery time.

• A topical anesthetic will prevent pain.

• Patients usually experience redness or minor swelling that diminish within a few days.

Non-ablative laser resurfacing

Infrared heat lasers penetrate the inner layer of the skin. This helps in:

• Speed up collagen production.

• Stimulates Cell renewal to replace damaged skin cells.

How is it done?

• A topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area.

• Expect some mild discomfort during therapy. You can ask for sedation if you’re treating a larger scar.

• Use infrared skin lasers to heat the inner layers of the skin while leaving the surface untouched.

• This promotes collagen production and the creation of fresh new skin cells that will replace the scars’ damaged


• 3 to 10 days for your skin to heal but varies from person to person.

• Mild side effects should get better within a few days. See your doctor if you develop signs of an infection, such
as increased redness or severe pain.


Post-Therapy Precautions:

Your doctor will provide aftercare instructions immediately following therapy. These may include the following:

• Avoid direct sunlight for few six weeks after the procedure.

• Apply a cold pack to the treated area to reduce swelling.

• Take over-the-counter pain medication when needed.

• Wash and apply moisturizer daily.

• For facial procedures, avoid makeup for a few days.

Laser skin therapys for scar reduction are long-lasting, although results may not be permanent. You may need
repeated therapys in the future.


It can be weeks or months before you see any actual results on your skin. It depends on your skin and the degree of scars you have and also varies from person to person.

4. DERMAROLLER: Dermaroller is a handheld device that has a roller with hundreds of tiny micro needles attached to it. Cosmotree Clinic use dermaroller for skin enhancement and cleaning therapy.

Beneficial in treating:

• Scars

• Stretch marks

• Pore size

• Facial lines and wrinkles

• Sun damage and sunburn

• Acne

• Anti-aging

How is it done?

Dermarolling is a skin therapy and is done by a hand-held device known as Dermaroller.

• The dermaroller is rolled over the skin to create tiny skin punctures which help in skin repairing.

• The whole process leads to the production of new collagen.

• Results in suppleness and elasticity in the skin.


• Very less time to heal.

• Full recovery in 24 hrs- 7 days. Depending on the intensity of the therapy.

• As for the side effects, some of them hardly last for a couple of hours and some may last for a couple of days.


Generally, the therapy takes at least 4 to 6 weeks to show some results but it also varies from person to person.
Post-Therapy Precautions:

• Apply aloe gel to calm and soothe the skin.

• Avoiding touching your face with dirty hands.

• Avoid new and harsh skincare products.

• Avoid direct sunlight.

• Avoid sauna, hot showers until the redness has gone.

5. Injections: For scars that are above your skin, steroid s can shrink the size of the
scar and make it less noticeable. Other types of s include dermal fillers or collagen which fills in the
area around a deep scar.

6. Ointments: Not very effective in treating scars and are often temporary.

Why Cosmotree?

• Provides affordable scar reduction therapy with great results.

• Latest technologies and lasers like Q switched laser.

• Visible results in less time.

• Warm amiable environment with excellent hygiene conditions.

• One of the top trusted brand in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru for your aesthetic needs.

At Cosmotree Clinic, you’re in good hands. Our specialists will provide you with the best scar reduction therapy in delhi such as laser therapy, chemical peels, dermarolling etc to meet your cosmetic goals, and we’ll do our best to keep you comfortable every step of the way. Give us a call at 9999909292 to schedule a consultation today.

Some things to keep in mind when coming to Cosmotree clinic for therapys:

• Prior appointment should be made for free consultations

• It is recommended to opt for packages instead of single services for good discounts

• You can choose to pay us in a single go or in 2-3 installments

• Pay using all Debit/Credit cards, Paytm as well as Cash.

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