Cosmetic Treatments for Melasma Removal

What is melasma?

Melasma is a common skin concern majorly among women. It appears on the skin as hyper-pigmentation or dark patches, usually on the face. In most people it may appear on cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead, chin, and above their upper lip. While hyper-pigmentation isn’t a harmful condition, it can greatly impact one’s appearance and confidence. It also can appear on other parts of the body that get lots of sun, such as the forearms and neck. Cosmotree Clinic offers best melasma removal therapy in Delhi for fast visible results using latest procedures and techniques.

Commonly women are far more likely to be affected than men to get melasma. It is so common during pregnancy that melasma is sometimes called “the mask of pregnancy.” Hormonal imbalances seem to trigger melasma.

Although melasma mostly occur on the face, it can also develop on other sun-exposed areas of the body. Common areas to be affected are:

  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Upper lip
  • Arms


What causes melasma?

The exact reason behind melasma is still unknown. It is believe to occur when there is too much melanin production in the skin which gives color to the skin. People with skin of color are more prone to melasma because they have more melanocytes than people with light skin.

Common factors causing Melasma:

  • Sun exposure: Frequent sun exposure stimulates the Melanocytes in the skin. Even, just a small amount of sun exposure can make melasma reoccur after fading. Sun exposure is the biggest reason for melasma and that is why melasma often is worse in summer. It also is the main reason why many people with melasma get it again and again.
  • A change in hormones: Pregnant women often suffer from melasma. When melasma occurs in pregnant women, it is called chloasma, or the mask of pregnancy. Birth control pills and hormone replacement medicine also can also cause melasma.
  • Skin care products: Some skin care products can also trigger melasma.

Prevention is important

To avoid melasma so that it never comes back always wear a sunscreen. Also try to cover and protect your skin from sun’s rays as much as possible.

Cosmotree Clinic offers, personalized therapy plan in order to meet each patient’s unique needs. Our skilled practitioners have extensive background and experience treating complex dermatologic conditions and will create a therapy plan tailored for all skin types.

There are many safe and effective therapys available for patients with melasma including topical medications, peels, and lasers, which can be used alone or in combination to help even out the skin tone. Although there is not a way to get rid of hyperpigmentation completely, our experienced and board-certified dermatologists can provide effective skin-restoring therapys necessary to reduce the skin discoloration.


Our experienced specialists at Cosmotree Clinic, will offer tailor made therapy plan for patients according to their needs. Using the best procedures, our skin care practitioners have a proven record of excellence in Pigmentation Removal, Melasma Removal, Hyper-pigmentation Removal, Scars Removal and many other skin therapys. Some of the effective therapys for Melasma are:


One of the most popular and effective skin therapys to treat pigmentation issues is a medical-grade chemical peel. Chemical peels improve skin texture, providing an even texture and complexion.


At Cosmotree Clinic, we employ the newest, most advanced lasers available to target excess pigmentation which are FDA Approved. It can be used on all skin types to address any pigmentation concern.


Topical therapys are a key component in a well-rounded therapy regimen for melasma. Hydroquinone, tretinoin, and corticosteroids can be used alone or in combination to help with skin glowing.

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