October 24, 2018

Tattoo Removal

What is Permanent Tattoo Removal?

Got an allergic reaction to your tattoo or you just don’t like how your tattoo looks now and want to get rid of it permanently? Don’t worry, Cosmotree clinic is offering Best Tattoo Removal in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru so you don’t have to bear your tattoo like bad scars for the rest of your life. Tattoo removal or permanent tattoo removal is the process which is performed by experts to remove an unwanted tattoo. Cosmotree clinic offers the best Tattoo Removal in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru with highly trained staff and doctors.

Tattoo removal is a little complex procedure as the tattoo ink goes beneath your first layer, so getting rid of it completely requires very skilled professionals and is more complicated and expensive than getting a tattoo. At Cosmotree clinic, you are in best hands providing all the necessary therapy and aftercare too, making our clients all happy safe and content. Let’s talk about Tattoo Removal Procedure.

Cosmotree clinic offers two procedures for permanent tattoo removal in Delhi one is Surgical and the other is Non-Surgical. Before permanent tattoo removal, certain things should be familiar to you. All tattoos are not created equal, hence time and procedures vary according to that. Ink applied and its depth, the age of your tattoo, skin tone, size of your tattoo, the intricacy of the design, placement of the ink, amateur or professional tattoos, these all factors plays a big role when it comes to tattoo removal. Dark colors are less challenging than colors like lighter ones as these are most difficult to get rid of but at Cosmotree clinic we specialize in getting rid of the colors like yellow and orange which are very difficult to deal with. Also if your tattoo is older, it is easier to remove than a fairly fresh one as there is more ink to remove from the body. Amateur tattoos are easier to remove than professionals as the ink depth is shallow and not too deep.

Ways for removing a tattoo-

1) Non-surgical process like Laser therapy

2) Surgical Process such as Dermabrasion, Skin Grafting

At Cosmotree, we thoroughly examine your skin, its texture and sensitivity etc to get a better understanding and customize therapy in accordance to your skin and body needs, to give you the best results which are easy on your pocket too.

Tattoo Removal in Delhi

1) Laser Therapy(Non-Surgical):

Cosmotree clinic offers the best laser tattoo removal in Delhi. Laser tattoo removal is one of the most prominent and trusted methods, and has become the gold standard when it comes to permanent tattoo removal.

How does it work?

The ink particles in tattooed skin are very difficult to get rid of. In fact, your body is always trying to do it but simply can’t. It recognizes the ink particles as foreign objects and use white blood cells to break them down and get rid of them. Due to the fact those ink particles are so much larger, these white blood cells are powerless against them. (The most they can do is slowly erode it – which is why your tattoo will eventually fade – but they’ll never succeed in eliminating it).Clearly, those ink particles are a challenge to get rid of, which is why it takes something as strong as a laser to get rid of them. Tattoo removal requires a specialized type known as a ultra short pulse laser. These lasers work by emitting extremely hot blasts in short, quick bursts to heat up and break apart the ink particles.

Benefits of having Laser Tattoo Removal:

• Low risk

• Highly effective with no side-effects

• No scarring

• No surgery

Cosmotree clinic, employ one of the best latest technology and equipment and is done with a technique called explosive heating and features a Q-SWITCHED LASER. Laser tattoo removal depends on several factors like:

• Size and color of the tattoo

• Color and texture of the skin

• The Depth of the tattoo pigment in the skin

Colors in a Tattoo:

Certain colors like blue and black can be removed easily but at Cosmotree clinic we have specific process to get completely rid of colors like yellow and orange which are hard to deal with. The number of sessions required to remove the particular tattoo also vary and can be decided by the dermatologist after checking the tattoo thoroughly


Tattoo Removal in Delhi

That’s a difficult one to answer. Everyone’s tolerance for pain is different and that’s reflected in the reports from people who have undergone laser removal.

Some people claim to have experienced some discomfort from it, while some say the pain is comparable to the pain they endured when getting the tattoo in the first place.

People who have undergone the laser tattoo removal often say that it hurts about as much as a rubber band repeatedly snapping against the skin.

How much Time:

To allow the skin enough time to heal between therapy and the body’s immune system to flush away ink, we recommend a minimum of six weeks between laser sessions – and eight weeks for darker complexions. Usually, it takes around 80 to 90 days to completely get the tattoo removed from the body. At Cosmotree we offer one of the best and affordable laser tattoo removal in Delhi, and are blessed with a team of extremely experienced and skilled doctors along with the latest modern equipment that offers you the latest therapy and utmost care throughout and post-therapy so that you can achieve your desired results.

Post-Therapy care:

• Avoid sun exposure as the skin will become more sensitive. If you do go out in the sun, then completely cover the
area that is being treated. If you can’t prevent sun exposure completely then ensure the treated area is
protected with a broad-spectrum SPF 50 or more.

• The treated area should be kept clean and dry

• Use a cool compress 24hrs after surgery

• Avoid shaving the treated area to prevent any infection and use of ointments or creams after therapy etc.

2) Skin Grafting(Surgical):

Skin grafting is one of the fastest and effective options for Tattoo Removal in Delhi. This process is also painful but doctors generally give anesthesia for the numbing purpose.

How is it done?

For the removal procedure, a surgeon will remove the epidermis and dermis layers and stitch the area to allow the wound to close and heal. Cosmotree clinic provides the best tattoo removal in Delhi. This procedure can cause scarring and it is best suited for smaller tattoos. For bigger tattoos, several surgeries need to be performed. Skin grafting is another surgical method that is used for tattoo removal. This procedure involves taking a piece of skin from another part of the body and sewing it over the tattoo. As the wound heals, the skin grows in conjunction with the natural skin. For smaller tattoos, removal can be done in a day.


• Highly effective for smaller tattoos

• Offers improved precision

Post Therapy Precautions:

• Doctors may prescribe a moisturizing cream or lotion and direct patients to avoid the sun.

• When outside, it is important to wear a sunscreen with an SPF factor of 30 or higher to avoid excessive scarring

• The application of cold packs and taking prescribed pain medications or antibiotics will assist in continued

3) Dermabrasion(Surgical):

Another process for tattoo removal is by Dermabrasion and is done by abrading of the skin or in this case exfoliating deeply. A high-speed brush (or wheel) is used on the skin and is sanded down to reach and remove the ink stained skin. Like most other tattoo removal methods, this is a process and it would require multiple therapies. Since tattoo ink is placed deep below the skin, the top layer of skin must be removed as well as the dermis layer containing the ink. This procedure of tattoo removal comes with its share of risks. For one, the method is not precise, and the brush can easily scrape extra skin. After dermabrasion therapy, the skin will look and feel very tender and raw, and because the skin is open, it’s more prone to infections. Because dermabrasion is so aggressive and it requires multiple sittings, many people experience scarring as a result. Finally, dermabrasion is not designed for large tattoos or any with complex colors and shades. Overall, this procedure may work for small tattoos but is very limited when it comes to bigger pieces.

Cosmotree Clinic is for you because:

• Cosmotree clinic offers one of the best tattoo removal in Delhi with specific process for removing colors like
orange and yellow, which are very hard to deal with

• Highly experienced and skilled staff and to carry out the tattoo removal therapy

• Make use of best lasers and equipment for therapy, like Q switched lasers

• Exceptional aftercare provided to our clients.

• Affordable

Cost of Tattoo Removal:

Tattoo Removal Cost

Well, cost of Tattoo Removal depends on the size of tattoo, geographical location and number of sittings. Yes, Tattoo removal requires around 5-6 sittings based on the size of tattoo. Tattoo removal procedure works very well with the patience. So, never be in hurry to remove your tattoo as laser take times to eliminate your tattoo.

Our Advice:

Best Tattoo Removal

As we are the well- known clinic for Tattoo Removal in Delhi, we advice you to choose the best clinic for tattoo removal. Once you walk in our clinic, our experienced consultant will examine your tattoo and provide you the details of Tattoo Removal procedure. If you have any queries about Tattoo Removal, its procedure, cost or anything, you can direct pop-up the question.

Tattoo Removal is a risky procedure. Don’t attempt to remove the Tattoo at your own. Consult a doctor for Tattoo Removal, then follow the whole procedure. Your Tattoo Removal procedure may take more number of sessions, so don’t hesitate to take the more session. If your Tattoo is inserted in the deeper layer, then it will surely take number of sessions for removal. Cosmotree Clinic is offering the best Tattoo Removal in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru. Our specialists will provide you with the best tattoo removal as per your body and skin needs, and we’ll do our best to keep you comfortable every step of the way. Give us a call at 9999909292 to schedule a consultation today.

Some things to keep in mind when coming to Cosmotree clinic for therapy:

• Prior appointment should be made for free consultations

• It is recommended to opt for packages instead of single services for good discounts

• You can choose to pay us in a single go or in 2-3 instalments.

• Pay using all Debit/Credit cards, PayTm as well as Cash.

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