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Are you considering Laser Hair Removal but have a thousand questions in mind? So stop worrying, we’re here to help you. As we are the leading clinic of Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru for the therapy of Laser Hair Removal, we’ve got all the answer of your questions. Take a look.

Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Who doesn’t want to get the smooth and silky skin? Body and face hair has to be one of the most irritating things to deal with. If you are into your body hair, then it’s totally cool but if you’re a fan of smooth and silky skin, then Laser Hair Removal is the good option for you. Yes, it’s expensive than the razors and waxing, but it is a permanent solution and you’ll save yourself money in the long-run. Not only money, but you’ll save your precious time and most importantly all the pain.

What is the procedure of Laser Therapy?

There is a pigment that lives within the hair follicle is known as melanin. Laser hair removal mainly targets the melanin, heats up, which destroy the follicle completely and this eliminates the growth of the hair in skin.

Laser Hair Removal is only for Women?

Well, men and women both can take Laser Hair Removal therapy. Laser can help the guys who are frustrate of the amount of hair they have.  So, men what are you waiting for? Go for the Laser Hair Removal now.

How many sessions are needed?

Sessions are totally depends on the area being treated. You need multiple sessions to get rid of unwanted hairs. Laser may take 6-8 sessions as it doesn’t immediately get rid of all hair. After the therapy, some hair will never grow back while some hair may still need occasional therapy.

Is Laser Hair Removal painful?  

You would be happy to know that laser is not painful as waxing. It is not so painful procedure, even when you take it, you will say, why didn’t you take it earlier?

Not-To-Do List before therapy

Don’t wax or pluck your before the laser hair removal because waxing eliminate the pigment and hair entirely and so we’d zap away at nothing. Avoid the sun exposure as much as you can because professionals won’t treat client with sunburn as it can put you at risk of ineffective and painful laser hair removal.

How much Laser Hair Removal Cost?

This completely depends on your geographical location and clinic to clinic. As laser hair removal therapy require 6-8 sessions, so therapys are usually sold in packages and cost varies on the therapy area.  Chin, eyebrows, upper lips are usually falls under the category of small therapy area, while Inner thighs, Underarms, bikini line falls under the medium therapy area and full body, shoulders, arms, lower legs, lower back comes under the largest therapy area.

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