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Are you finding the right therapy for hair loss? Suffering from the hair loss and baldness? Then PRP therapy can help you. PRP therapy refers to the platelet-rich plasma therapy which is a three-step medical therapy. In this therapy, surgeon takes the patient blood, after processed it they injected this into the scalp. PRP Therapy is the best therapy for hair loss as it is responsible for hair growth and hair thickness. PRP therapy triggers natural hair growth and maintain it by increasing blood supply to hair follicle. PRP therapy is also mainly used for healing injured tendons, muscles and ligaments.

PRP Therapy is suitable for both men and women. It is a non surgical procedure (injectable procedure) used for the therapy of hair loss. If you are searching for the PRP therapy in Delhi/Gurgaon, you can consult us. Let’s know more about the PRP Therapy.

Eligibility for PRP Therapy:

If you are completely bald then you are up for the PRP Therapy. But make sure there are many other things you must do before the therapy such as avoid alcohol and smoking, avoid blood thinners and many others. Your dermatologist will tell you about all the things properly.

PRP Therapy procedure:

This is a three step procedure. Firstly, the surgeon will take your blood (typically from your arm) and then put it into a centrifuge. And after the centrifuge, you blood will separate into three layers viz. red blood cells, platelet-rich plasma and platelet-poor plasma. After that in the last step takes place, platelet-rich plasma drawn up into syringe and then injected into the therapy area.  PRP Therapy is proven as the most effective therapy for the hair loss in years.

Does it hurt?

Well in this case, your doctor will give you a local anesthesia while therapy. You will be fully asleep and will not notice the pain.

Cost of PRP Therapy:

Cost of PRP Therapy depends on the number of sessions and the clinic. At Cosmotree clinic, we offer the best PRP therapy in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru at reasonable and affordable prices.

Benefits of PRP Therapy:

  • It is a simple and non surgical procedure.
  • Therapy results are safe and reliable.
  • Recovery period is fast.
  • In the end, you will get the natural growth of hair as a result.


Side effects of PRP Therapy:

PRP Therapy comes from your own blood, so there is very less chance of having any kind of side effects. You may experience slight swelling and redness, but there is no need to worry about, those reactions will fade away in one or two days.

Cosmotree clinic offers best PRP therapy in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru with minimal or no side-effects. We provide the highly specialised PRP Therapy in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru with the most affordable prices. If you’re ready for the PRP Therapy, Schedule your consultation with us now!

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