October 24, 2018

About Us

Welcome to Cosmotree Clinic one of the most trusted and reputed skin and hair clinic in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of skin and hair therapy with excellent results which are easy on your pocket too. Our success is a direct reflection of the amount of time, dedication and knowledge which we dedicate to our patients’ needs. Cosmotree has a small, specialist team who are trained to deliver result driven personalized care for all your skin and hair related concerns. We make sure that our warm, friendly and trained staff will make your visit as friendly as possible, putting you at ease immediately.
We endeavor to provide the latest and world’s best in dermatology and aesthetic practices at affordable prices and in the most responsive manner. We strive to give visible results in the shortest period of time.
Cosmotree have carefully selected the best and the most effective technologies for different skin and hair therapy. With our wide range of body sculpting, cosmetic technologies, and therapy, we provide you with customized therapy for all your skin and beauty needs.

We Offer:

• Laser Hair Reduction

• Tattoo Removal

• Hairfall/ Baldness Therapy

• Pigmentation/ Dark Spots Reduction/Birth Marks

• Laser Hair Comb

• Weight loss/Body Shaping

• Physiotherapy

• Anti-aging/Laser Facials

• Breast Implants

Choose Cosmotree Because:

• We make use of finest lasers which are USA approved.

• Highly trained professionals with advanced medical-grade technology.

• Absolutely meticulous about testing and efficacy and safety standards.

• Affordable and results driven.

• Excellent hygiene conditions and amiable environment.

• One of the best in customer care along with customized therapy with excellent aftercare too.

• One of the best-trusted name in skin and hair therapy in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru.

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