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Laser or Surgery – Mole Removal

With new advances in technology it is easier and simpler to remove without any pain and leave minimal if any scarring using surgery and lasers. Cosmotree Clinic uses the best techniques for mole removal treatment to ensure the best results for our patients. What are moles? • Moles are unusual buildup of pigmented cells, the Read more about Laser or Surgery – Mole Removal[…]

mole removal

Mole Removal – Treatment, Procedure & Recovery.

What are the moles? • Moles are abnormal deposition of pigmented cells, the cells which gives color to the skin. • Moles may present since birth, or may appear at any age. • The color, shape, and size may different and moles can change in appearance with time. • They may vary in size, small Read more about Mole Removal – Treatment, Procedure & Recovery.[…]

mole removal treatment

Mole Removal Treatment, Procedure and Recovery Time

What is mole removal? If you are concerned by an unsightly mole or worried it may be dangerous mole removal may be an option you can go for. Cosmotree Clinic offers best effective options for mole removal treatment in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai, once our doctors has identified a dangerous mole or you have a Read more about Mole Removal Treatment, Procedure and Recovery Time[…]