Laser or Surgery – Mole Removal

With new advances in technology it is easier and simpler to remove without any pain and leave minimal if any scarring using surgery and lasers.

Cosmotree Clinic uses the best techniques for mole removal therapy to ensure the best results for our patients.

What are moles?

• Moles are unusual buildup of pigmented cells, the cells which gives color to the skin.

• Moles may appear since birth, or may occur at any age.

• The color, shape, and size may differ and moles can change in appearance with time.

• They may be different in size, small to large, flat to raised and light brown to dark pigmented or black in

• Some moles may have hairs.

Why do they occur?

• Appearing mole on skin can be a genetic tendency.

• Some moles occur due to changes in hormone levels, as may occur during pregnancy, adolescence, and older age.

• During teen years they usually grow in number, they also get darker during pregnancy and gradually fade away as
people age.

What is mole removal?

If you are concerned by an unsightly mole or worried it may be dangerous mole removal may be an option you can go for.

Cosmotree Clinic offers best effective options for mole removal in Delhi, NCR and Bengaluru, once our doctors has identified a dangerous mole or you have a mole you want to remove.

Are there different types of moles?


Compound moles: They appear as slightly raised, usually dark brown.

Dermal moles: They seem elevated and generally brown in color. Most common on the upper body,
and may have hairs.

Blue moles: Are slightly raised, deep colored within the skin, and most common on the head,
neck, and arms of women.

Some Therapy Options Are:

Surgical excision:

– Mostly used for larger moles that cannot be removed with either of the first two methods, and requires a few

– In case of stitches your doctor will remove them in five to seven days.

– Suitable for removal of flat or suspicious moles.

– Most popular is Ellipse Excision Surgery which involves stitches.

Laser Therapys:

– Best suited for getting rid of small warts, moles, skin tags and red blemishes.

– Takes a few minutes.

– Moles that don’t appear above the surface of the skin may also be removed with a laser therapy.

– Laser Mole Therapy uses powerful light radiation to shatter down the mole cells in the skin.

– This method usually takes two or three therapys to get rid of the mole.

– Laser removal can be used for harder to reach areas, such as on the face or ears, and can be used for eliminating
multiple moles at the same time.

Cryotherapy / Freezing:

– Suitable for removing warts, skin tags and minor skin blemishes.

– Takes a few seconds.

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