Mole Removal Treatment, Procedure and Recovery Time

What is mole removal?

If you are concerned by an unsightly mole or worried it may be dangerous mole removal may be an option you can go for. Cosmotree Clinic offers best effective options for mole removal therapy in Delhi, NCR and Bengaluru, once our doctors has identified a dangerous mole or you have a mole you want to remove.


• Moles are a nevocellular skin occurrence in the skin’s various layers.

• Usually are dark brown spots and can be of various sizes and shapes.

• They can ber flat or raised, smooth or rough.

• Can change in appearance. Some disappear over time, often

• They may have dark hair and they may be dangerous.

• Moles can appear anywhere on the skin.

• They are usually brown in color.

• Sun exposure may darken existing moles and increase their number.


Compound moles: Slightly raised, range in color from tan to dark brown.

Dermal moles: Range from flesh-color to brown, are elevated, most common on the upper body, and
may have hairs.

Blue moles: Are slightly raised, deep colored within the skin, and most common on the head,
neck, and arms of women.

Cosmotree Clinic offers best some mole removal therapy in Delhi.

Mole removal therapy is relatively painless therapy. There are three main mole removal options:

Shave excision:

o Your mole is sliced off with a sharp blade.

o No stitches needed.

o The area to be treated gets numbed, and usually, only a tiny mark is left after the removal.

Punch excision:

o A small device is placed over your mole, twisting it out, and requiring one to two stitches.

o The area to be treated is made numb, which is cut out along with a small area of the surrounding skin.

o Some moles may have cells that have grown beneath the top layer of skin.

Surgical excision:

o Mostly used for larger moles that cannot be removed with either of the first two methods, and requires a few

o In case of stitches your doctor will remove them in five to seven days.

Laser Removal

• Moles that don’t appear above the surface of the skin may also be removed with a laser therapy.

• Laser Mole Therapy uses intense light radiation to shatter down the mole cells in the skin.

• This method usually takes two or three therapys to get rid of the mole.

• Laser removal can be used for harder to reach areas, such as on the face or ears, and can be used for
eliminating multiple moles at the same tim

Healing Time:

• Recovery time depends on the individual.

• Young people recover faster than older people.

• A larger incision will take longer to heal than a closer one.

• Few weeks to heal.

Post-Care Therapy:

• Avoid the sun.

• Don’t touch or irritate the scar.

• Keep the wound clean and moist.

• Massage the scar.

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