Things You Should Know Before Laser Hair Removal

Getting rid of unwanted hairs using waxing and shaving are preferred by most people but they only offer temporary hair-free skin and is too much hassle. Once the hair grows back, you again have to visit the salon and spend a big amount every fortnight. However, people who are tired of waxing or shaving have now started considering Laser Hair Removal.

Cosmotree Clinic offers best laser hair removal in Delhi to remove unwanted hair from various parts of the body effectively and safely.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

• Laser hair reduction is a non-invasive procedure for hair removal for longer period of time.

• Light pulses are used to penetrate the skin to destroy the unwanted hair follicles.

• Unwanted hair is removed from any part of the body by using a long pulsed laser.

Laser Hair removal works on the following areas:

You can get in touch with Cosmotree Clinic as we provide effective and safe laser hair reduction for the following areas:

• Face, especially chin, upper and lower lip

• Side burn

• Neck

• Shoulders

• Back

• Underarm

• Abdomen

• Bikini Area

• Arms

• Legs

• Hands

• Beard Shaping.

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction:

• Long term solution.

• Cost effective.

• No in-grown hair.

• Fast and effective.

• Non-invasive.

• Both for men and women

When it comes to permanent hair reduction, laser therapy is the best option. With the technological advancement in the past few years, laser therapy for hair removal has become quite popular in different parts of the world. Before you decide to get the laser therapy done there are several things to consider:

• With laser hair removal, no monthly visits to the salon. Laser therapys need to be done only once in twice in a
year and if you lucky enough, you may not require the therapy after a few sittings.

• When going for laser hair removal, the two most important things to consider are skin color and hair color.

o If you have light skin and dark colored hair, then laser therapy is indeed the best option for permanent
hair removal.

o People who have light colored skin and darker hair find laser therapy effective as it is quite easy for
lasers to detect the hair follicles that are darker in color compared to the skin color.

o This makes the therapy highly effective.

• If you are looking for a reputed clinic offering unwanted hair removal in Delhi, then you also need to make sure
whether the laser clinic has the right equipment to treat someone with dark colored skin too. Cosmotree Clinic
uses the latest technology and finest lasers like Q SWITCHED LASER for laser hair removal.

• Not all laser clinics will possess the right expertise and equipment to treat patients with dark skin or light
colored hair. Cosmotree Clinic in Delhi have all the necessary equipment and technology to give effective safe


• When choosing laser hair removal, remember that the results will not appear in just one sitting.

• In most cases, multiple sessions are required.

• For maximum results be patient enough and go for multiple sessions since they will provide the best and the
intended results.

• Before you begin the therapy for hair removal at any laser clinic, you need to first consult with the laser
physician on the approximate number of sessions that you will require to get the best results.

• When you have an estimate of the number of sessions, it also becomes easy for you to plan your budget and also
schedule your appointments without overlapping your work schedules.

Recovery Time:

• Quick recovery time.

• Patients can resume daily activities immediately.

• There can be slight redness which will disappear within few days

Is it Painful?

• You may experience some mild discomfort throughout the procedure.

• The feeling is like a rubber band being snapped against your skin, or like a warm pinch

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