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Do not like your tattoo how it looks now or is it infected or just want to get rid of it? Well, welcome to the club. But do not worry at all Cosmotree Clinic offers the best cost-effective tattoo removal in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru.

• Permanent tattoo removal is the process by which the pigment which the tattoos are made of is broken down.

• Tattoo removal is a little intricate procedure as the tattoo ink goes under your first layer, so getting rid of
it completely requires very skilled professionals and is more complicated and expensive than getting a tattoo.

At Cosmotree Clinic you are in best hands of our skilled experienced doctors providing all the necessary therapy and aftercare too, making our clients satisfied.

Cosmotree clinic offers two methods for permanent tattoo removal therapy in Delhi one is surgical and the other is non-surgical.

Before permanent tattoo removal, certain things should be familiar to you.

• All tattoos are not created equal hence time and procedures vary according to that.

Ink applied and its depth, the age of your tattoo, skin tone and texture, size of your tattoo, the type of
design, amateur or professional tattoos,
these all factors play a deciding role when it comes to tattoo removal.

Dark colors are easy than colors like lighter ones as these are most difficult to remove but at
Cosmotree clinic we provide effective methods for getting rid of the colors like yellow and
which are very tough to deal with.

• Also if your tattoo is older, it is easier to remove than a fresh one as there is more ink to remove from the
body. Amateur tattoos are easier to remove than professionals as the ink depth is shallow.

What does therapy involve?

• Therapy with the lasers varies from patient to patient depending on the age, size and type of tattoo etc.

• The skin’s reaction to the laser is tested during the first visit to determine the most effective therapy.

• A laser is used on the skin surface.

• Patients describe it like the snapping of a hot rubber band against the skin.

• Smaller tattoos will require fewer pulses, while larger ones will require more


• The degree of pain varies with each person, depending on his/her pain threshold.

• Most patients do not require pain killers.

• In some cases, however some form of sedation is required like a local anesthesia.

Post-Therapy Care:

• An ice pack may be applied to calm the treated area.

• A topical antibiotic cream or ointment maybe prescribed.

• Do not scrape the treated area and avoid harsh skin care products.

• A bandage or patch may help the wound to heal.

• Wear a wide spectrum sunscreen.

2. Skin Grafting(Surgical):

Cosmotree clinic provides the best tattoo removal in Delhi

• It is the safe effective and also less expensive therapy.

• The surgeon will graft another layer of skin on your tattoo area.

• Skin grafting is one of the fastest and effective options for tattoo removal.

• You will be sedated during the therapy.

How is it done?

• Involves taking a piece of skin from another part of the body and sewing it over the tattoo.

• The surgeon will get rid of the epidermis and dermis layers and stitch the area to allow the wound to close and

• As the wound recovers, the skin grows along with the natural skin. For smaller tattoos, removal can be completed
in a day.

• Best apt for smaller tattoos. For bigger tattoos, several surgeries need to be done.


• Great for smaller tattoo removal.

• Procedure can be completed in a single day.

Post Therapy Precautions:

• Avoid sun exposure for few days.

• Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen to avoid excessive scarring.

• Apply ice packs to the treated area to reduce swelling and redness.


3. Dermabrasion(Surgical):

• Dermabrasion is another tattoo removal method and is done by scraping of the skin or exfoliating deeply.

• A high-speed brush (or wheel) is used on the skin and is sanded down to reach and remove the ink stained skin.

• It would require multiple therapys.

• Since tattoo ink is placed deep below the skin, the top layer of skin must be removed as well as the dermis layer
containing the ink.

• Best for smaller tattoos.

Cosmotree Clinic is for you because:

• Cosmotree clinic offers the best tattoo removal in Delhi with specific process for removing colors like orange
and yellow, which are very hard to deal with.

• Highly experienced and skilled doctors and to carry out the tattoo removal therapy.

• Make use of best lasers and equipments for therapy, like Q switched lasers which are FDA USA Approved.

• Exceptional aftercare provided to our clients.

• Affordable with effective results.

Cosmotree Clinic is offering the best tattoo removal in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru. Our doctors will provide you with the best tattoo removal as per your body and skin needs, and we’ll do our best to keep you comfortable every step of the way. Give us a call at 9999909292 to schedule a consultation today.

Some things to keep in mind when coming to Cosmotree clinic for therapys:

• Prior appointment should be made for free consultations.

• It is recommended to opt for packages instead of single services for good discounts.

• You can choose to pay us in a single go or in 2-3 installments.

• Pay using all Debit/Credit cards, Paytm as well as Cash.

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