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Though fair skin is not necessarily a paramount for being beautiful but if you are not happy with your dark complexion, Cosmotree Clinic is here to help. Cosmotree Clinic brings to you the best skin glowing therapys in Delhi giving effective visible results with minimum cost.

What is Skin Whitening Therapy?

• It is a procedure involving therapys to reduce the melanin pigment (gives color to the skin) in the skin,
removing darkness giving a whiter complexion.

• People with dark skin color have more melanin production. Melanin is manufactured by cells called melanocytes.

• The melanin production in the person’s skin depends upon the genetic buildup but it is also affected by:

o Exposure to the sun

o Degree of damaged skin

o Exposure to chemicals

o Aging

o Stress Level

• Sometimes the melanin production is higher that could lead to various hyperpigmentation problems such as
freckles, sunspots etc.

Cosmotree Clinic offers the best skin glowing therapy in Delhi, we have a wide variety of skin glowing therapys available for various skin types ranging from the use of glutathione s to the use of various skin peels.

Each therapy is done only after the complete examining of skin type, its sensitivity, its texture etc. We at Cosmotree examine your skin and body constitution and then only offer you the therapy that is best suited for your needs and your body.

How it is done?

Glutathione Injections:

Glutathione Injections helps you get fair skin by getting rid of darkness and improving the appearance of skin by treating the following conditions:

A. Overall skin glowing and whitening

B. Overall dull and dark skin

How does it work?

• The color in your skin depends upon the production of melanin. High levels of melanin production lead to the
darker skin.

• It is a naturally produced substance by the human body; the liver.

• Glutathione like any cosmetic or vitamin product is prepared in a safe sterile laboratory setup from these three
amino acids (glycine, glutamic acid, and cysteine).

• Slows downs the melanin production and accelerates cell turnover by replacing the damaged cells which give a dark
appearance to the skin with the new cells which makes the skin whiter and brighter.

How it is done?

Glutathione , are given directly into the bloodstream thus, bringing changes from within the body.

• Glutathione has high antioxidant properties and anti-melanogenic properties that makes it an effective skin
lightening agent.

• There are barely any side effects. Though in some rare cases some mild side effects may appear.

• It is an expensive skin glowing therapy compared to other skin glowing therapys


• Fair radiant complexion.

Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps fight the free radicals.

• It has anti-aging properties.


• The results of glutathione therapy vary from person to person according to their body constitution and
metabolic response.

• On an average therapy range from 10 to 30 s. Depends on how fair you want your complexion to be.

• It can take up to few months to see the visible results of glutathione therapy.

• Some might see the result in few weeks, while some may take longer.

• Results also vary on your current skin color.



Chemical peels:

• During a chemical peel an acid solution is applied to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin.

• Acids such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), or phenol are used on the skin.

• They get rid of the outer layers of dead skin, exposing fresh skin layer with improved color, tone, and texture.

• Chemical peels skin glowing and lightening therapy involve tretinoin-based peels.

• Along with full facial therapy, certain types of skin peels can also be used for spot therapys.

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