How to Get Rid of Unwanted Birthmarks?

A birthmark is a discoloration of skin that is present since the birth. Birthmarks can appear anywhere on your body and comes with different shapes, textures and colors. Though they are completely harmless but many people find them unaesthetic. If you’re not happy with your birthmark, we can help you to remove your birthmarks. We are known for providing the finest birthmark removal therapys in Delhi.

As the name suggests, they can be present at birth, but may occur later on in infancy. Birthmarks can arise from multiple structures of the skin, even hair follicles and muscle and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. One broad way of classifying them is to group them into birthmarks arising from pigment cells and those from the vascular system.

Different Types of Birthmarks

Birthmarks can be categorized according to their composition.

  • Pigmented Birthmarks: These can be flat or elevated. They may develop due to excessive deposition of melanin pigment in the deeper layers of the skin. Generally, there are accumulations of melanin produced by and contained in pigment cells called melanocytes.


  • Vascular Birthmarks: The color of vascular birthmarks may vary from light pink to dark purple, and they can be either flat or elevated. Their size may vary. Certain types of vascular birthmarks can change in appearance.


Therapy Available for Birthmarks

New advances in Laser and Pulsed Light technology have made birthmark removal quite accessible to patients without experiencing any downtime. At Cosmotree Clinic, we offer the finest laser technology available on the market today. This allows us to remove birthmarks in the most effective ways available in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Therapys often work the best on younger patients because birthmarks may change and become raised with age. Schedule a consultation to determine the best therapy for your skin. Cosmotree Clinic offers free consultation and providing you the best advice and therapy according to your needs for effective results.

The choice of birthmark removal depends on the nature of the tissue involved. Generally, therapys are required for removal of both pigmented and vascular birthmarks. Cosmotree Clinic offers two ways for birthmark removal: laser birthmark removal or surgical excision. Let’s talk about these options:

  1. Laser Birthmark Removal: Laser removal for birthmarks involves laser which uses pulses of light energy to reduce the appearance of birthmarks. It’s most effective for vascular and port-wine birthmarks that are close to the surface of the skin.
  2. Birthmark Removal Through Surgical Excision: In this therapy, Birthmark is removed by surgical excision. Generally, birthmark removal through surgical excision can be done quickly.
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