Hair Transplant or Hair Weaving? Which Treatment is Better?

Hair is considered as the most valuable gift of God to everyone. And hair loss is one of the major concern among youth nowadays, and this concern leads to them find hair growth techniques as they are ready to do anything get their hair back. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, there are several techniques available to regain lost hair, but the problem for many people is that they cannot decide which therapy is best for them. This article will help you to choose the best hair therapy. If you are battling with the baldness then there are two option available; Hair Weaving and Hair Transplant. Hair weaving is one of the most popular hair regain technique that is chosen by people in India.

Hair Weaving in Delhi

Though both Hair weaving and Hair Transplant are the best solution for Baldness, but there is a huge difference between the process. Hair weaving is a process of adding hair to the scalp through weaving, synthetic hair and braiding. On the other hand, hair transplant is the process in which surgeon transplanted patient’s hair from one part of the scalp to other.

Hair Transplantation in Delhi

But the question is Which therapy is better to solve baldness problem? Let’s discuss in detail:

  • Natural Hair: Hair Transplantation is the process of moving your own hair from one area to another which means your hair will be 100% natural while hair weaving process use synthetic hair to add length and fullness to hair. Hair Weaving is an instant solution but not look like natural.
  • Frequency: Hair weaves can last one day to two months. On the other hand, hair transplant is the long-term investment. Hair Transplantation is the permanent solution to hair loss, transplanted hair grows naturally and if they fall out, are replaced by healthy hairs.
  • Side effects: Hair Transplants, conducted by experienced surgeon, usually have no side-effects while Cornow weaving can make the baldness worse.
  • Cost: Hair weaving is cheaper than Hair Transplant. But this is not the perfect reason to go for the Hair weaving. Hair weaving last only 1-2 months while Hair Transplantation lasts a lifetime, so you have to pay for the hair transplantation only once. Hair weaving is not a permanent solution, you need to visit clinic for several sessions, so it can be cost more than transplant.


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