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Men and women both face hair loss problem at some point in their life. When your hair loss problem goes out of hand one must look for medical therapys. Hair Transplant for hair loss if the most effective therapy for baldness giving safe results. Cosmotree Clinic offers best hair transplant therapy in Delhi helping you to get your precious hairs back.

Hair transplant surgery

It is a surgical procedure involving removing of hair follicles from one part of the body, called the ‘donor site’, to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’.

Types of hair transplant surgery

Generally there are 2 ways when going for hair transplant procedure, Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation which work in a similar way.

FUE hair transplant

This method is the gold standard procedure. Follicles are removed from the donor area of the scalp with a specialised cutting tool. These follicles are then grafted into tiny cuts made into the recipient site. The follicles then grow strong and healthy hairs in the previously bald patch.FUE can give very natural results. The advantage over strip harvesting is that FUE doesn’t leave a linear scar. Because individual follicles are removed, only small, punctate scars remain which are virtually not visible and any post-surgical pain and discomfort is minimized. As no suture removal is required, recovery from Micro Grafting FUE is less than 7 days.

FUT hair transplant

With FUT surgery, instead of taking individual follicles from the donor site on the scalp, the doctor cuts away a strip of them. This strip is then divided up into single follicles or small groups which are inserted as with the FUE procedure into the recipient area. Hence it’s sometimes referred to as “strip harvesting”.

Hair transplant frequently asked questions

Does a hair transplant hurt?

An anesthetic is used to make the process almost painless. People might experience some discomfort during the healing process. Because FUT strip harvesting is more invasive, there’s likely to be a bit more than with the FUE procedure.

Will a hair transplant leave a scar?

FUE surgery shouldn’t leave a scar. FUT surgery is likely to leave a scar on the donor site, although it can probably be hidden under medium-length hair.

How long does a hair transplant procedure take?

The duration of the therapy depends on the number of hair follicles being transplanted but normally about eight hours. FUE transplant recovery is fairly quick because there are no stitches. An FUT transplant will normally take around a month for a full recovery, during which time there is likely to be a little more discomfort than with FUE surgery. Your scalp might be quite red for a few weeks, which is normal.

How long before I see the results of my hair restoration?

The first results will be visible after about four months. The full effect of a hair transplant operation should be apparent at the one-year mark. It’s possible that the transplanted follicles will themselves eventually begin to shrink and produce smaller hairs, in which case another transplant procedure is an option.

How many procedures will it take?

Quite possibly one, but perhaps a few transplant procedures will be necessary for good coverage on the recipient sites.

How successful is a hair transplant?

Though the success rate of hair transplant therapy vary from one person to another. Most people undergoing FUE and FUT hair transplants are happy with the results. The success will largely depend on how many good follicles you have left, how big a recipient area you want to cover, and the skill of the hair transplant surgeon – which underlines how important it is to do your research on hair transplant clinics and getting their predictions for the outcome.

Is a hair transplant permanent?

The transplanted hairs look and act like natural hairs. Generally hair transplant is permanent.

Can women have a hair transplant?

Yes, although fewer will be suitable candidates than among men because the pattern of hair loss tends to be more widespread, meaning fewer good donor sites.

What are the risks of hair transplant surgery? Are there side-effects?

FUT and FUE transplants are generally very safe, with almost no side-effects. But as with any surgical procedure, complications are possible.

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