Dark Spots & Marks Removal For Flawless Skin

Want healthy looking skin without scars and marks? Cosmotree Clinic offers best scars and marks removal therapys like Dermabrasion, Chemical peel, Laser etc in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru for effective results and light on the pocket too.

Cosmotree Clinic offers therapys that work on:

• Injuries

• Acne

• Pits cause by acne

• Burn Marks

• Stretch Marks

• Cut Marks.

Committee Clinic offers various effective dark spot removal methods. Read through these popular methods:

1. Dermabrasion:

• Works by getting rid of the outer damage layer of the skin.

• Non-invasive dark spot removal for improved skin texture, tone, and color.

Cosmotree Clinic offers the best dermabrasion therapy for scar reduction in Delhi.


• Reduces acne scars and pore size,

• Fades scars and brown spots

• Pox marks, and

• Scars from accidents or disease.

How it is done?

• Anesthetize the area to be treated.

• High-speed brush to get rid of the top layer of skin on your face to reduce the depth of scars.

• Need few days to recover after the therapy.

• Quick procedure.


• Few therapys are typically needed to lighten old acne scars and fine lines.

• Generally, your skin can handle one Dermabrasion therapy each month.

• Regular therapys also offer the best anti-aging benefits as well but also varies from person to person.


Most people can resume their normal activities in few days after dermabrasion.

Post-Therapy Precautions:

• Protect your skin from direct sunlight.

• Use a broad spectrum sunscreen and a moisturizer.

• Avoid makeup for 24 hrs.


2. Chemical peels:

• Use acids solutions on the skin to exfoliate the outer layer.

• The upper layer of skin (epidermis) exfoliates and peels off, exposing a new layer of less damaged skin.

Cosmotree Clinic offers different kinds of chemical peels in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru for effective scar reduction.

Chemical Peels are beneficial for:

• Improve the appearance of mild scars

• Certain types of acne

• Reduce melasma, and freckles

There are three types of chemical peel:

Deep peel: Uses phenol because it penetrates deeper into the skin. They are so intense that they
can take up to few weeks to recover.

• Superficial peel: This peel uses milder acids and might improve pigmentation caused due to minor scars.

• Medium peel: While also used for discoloration, the glycolic acid in this peel is mostly used for anti-aging


• Uses beams of light to treat damaged areas on the body.

• A laser wand is passed over your skin to get rid of the damaged skin cells and fade scars.
Beneficial in treating:

• Injury scars

• Burn marks

• Acne scars and pits


• No downtime needed.

• Can resume daily activities the next day.


Post-Therapy Precautions:

• No direct sunlight for few weeks after the therapy.

• Apply a cold pack to the treated area to reduce swelling.

• Wash and apply moisturizer daily.

• For facial procedures, avoid makeup for a few days.

Laser skin therapys for scar reduction are long-lasting, although results may not be permanent. You may need repeated therapys in the future.


• It can take up to weeks or months before you see any actual results.

• It depends on your skin and the degree of scars you have and also varies from person to person.


Dermaroller is a handheld equipment that has a roller with lots of tiny micro needles attached to it. Cosmotree Clinic use dermaroller for skin rejuvenation.

Beneficial in treating:

• Scars

• Stretch marks

• Pore size

• Facial lines and wrinkles

• Anti-aging

How is it done?

Dermarolling is a skin therapy and is done by a hand-held device known as Dermaroller.

• Helps in skin repairing by rolling over the skin to create tiny skin punctures.

• Leads to the production of new collagen.

• Results in suppleness and elasticity in the skin.


• Quick recovery time.

• Full recovery in few days. Depending on the intensity of the therapy.


• Generally, the therapy takes at least 4 to 6 weeks to show some results

• Differ from person to person.

Post-Therapy Precautions:

• Apply aloe gel to calm the skin.

• Avoid new and harsh skincare products.

• No direct sunlight.

• Avoid sauna, hot showers until the redness has gone.

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