Can All Skin Type With Excess Pigmentation Be Treated With Laser Therapy?

Laser Treatment can work wonders for spots and discoloration, redness, wrinkles, etc. They’re not like magic erasers, but they’re quite effective and efficient. Cosmotree Clinic offers best laser treatment for pigmentation removal in Delhi.

Reason why dermatologists recommend skin laser treatments: They give effective safe results and require very little follow-up once a series of treatments is done. Some treatments take a few sessions spread out over time to work. But after that, you’re pretty much done.

Laser Treatment for Pigmentation Removal:

• Laser treatment uses targeted beams of light to reduce hyperpigmentation without affecting surrounding skin.

• There are two types of lasers used: ablative and non-ablative.

• Ablative lasers are the strongest, and they remove layers of your skin.

• Non-ablative procedures enables skin to promote collagen growth and tightening effects.

• Both destroy elements in your skin to ensure that new skin cells grow back

• Laser for pigmentation removal is a quick, gentle and non-surgical treatment.

Cosmotree Clinic offers the best laser treatment for pigmentation removal in Delhi/Gurgaon, and Mumbai and is one of the most advanced treatments for age spots, sun spots, and freckles etc on the skin.


• Treats body and facial areas

• Minimal side-effects and recovery time

• Non-surgical

• Effective removal of dark spots such as age spots, sun spots and freckles.

Recovery Period:

No recovery time is needed. People can resume their daily activities immediately.

Post Treatment Precautions:

• No sun exposure for freshly treated skin.

• Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen for maximum protection.

• Do not irritate the wound and let it fall off naturally.

Who is a candidate for laser treatments?

• Today there are different types of lasers like light device, ultrasound therapy and infrared therapy that can
treat almost anybody. It’s important to know that not all lasers are created equal and not all laser and light
devices address all skin concerns.

Laser Treatment Works For:

If you want to get rid of redness:

Vascular lasers target the hemoglobin in blood, which makes them superb at fading redness caused by any number of skin conditions, including broken blood vessels, red patches etc.

If you want an allover rejuvenating treatment:

Turn to resurfacing lasers, which stimulates collagen and elastin. More collagen and elastin means firmer, younger-looking skin.

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