Birth Mark Removal

Birthmark Removal in Delhi

Birthmarks are the most common things that we get since we are born. It is composed of both healthy tissue and pigment that lost its way during the fetal development. Even though they could look strange, most of them don’t produce any medical problems. However, the most common ones are melanocytes or blood vessels.

What is birthmark?

Any bump, spot on skin that is present from a day of birth on the skin of infant are birthmarks. Some people get birthmarks on their face or visible parts of skin, which is the main reason why they decide to choose Birthmark Removal treatment.

Different types of birthmarks?

There are different types of birthmarks categorized based on their composition. In most cases, they are called pigmented birthmarks because all of them are brown or black. However, other types can appear lighter because of relative lack of melanin.

Why Choose Cosmotree for Birthmark Removal in Delhi?

  • If you want to remove your birthmark, you’re not alone, because of their millions of people all over the world who undergo this cosmetic treatment because they are tired of looking at it or it is on the visible spot, and it makes them uncomfortable in public. Most of them do that because that makes them feel better afterward, which is also relevant reason for choosing Birthmark Removal.
  • Even though reality thought us that birthmark is harmless, and in time they become less prominent and also fade away, but still, it can reduce confidence and self-esteem if they are on prominent and visible place.
  • At the same time, birthmark always can become cancerous growth, which sometimes happens with moles. When you consider removal of birthmark, you should check whether it is harmless or not.


What to do after Birthmark Treatment?

When you undergo your laser therapy, in the first few days the skin will be dark purple. That will last for one week up to ten days and will disappear soon afterward. However, there are cases where it can take up to eight weeks for that area to go altogether.

It is essential to stay out of the sun while you are healing and to avoid scratching that area. You should use sunscreens when on sun and during the healing process you should see the evidence of your procedure.  Just follow post-op instruction, and everything will work well for you. You have to be persistent and patient.

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